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Update on 2018/19 Projects

Below are a few updates from our Bootstock projects in 2018/19. We continue our wonderful partnership with Chelmsford County High School for Girls who have funded further education opportunities for eight girls, and Newburgh Mather’s School, whose ongoing donations have supplied books and a range of new equipment for Ralling School.

In Nepal, we are proud to be supporting the wonderful Music House project which provides music and dance tuition for children who would otherwise not be able to afford it. This consists of practice and performance space for young musicians, a laboratory for music and cultural discussion, a venue for concerts and gatherings, workshops and a recording studio for their own productions in the future.

We continue our support for Mitrata Children’s home in Kathmandu, supplied three new computers to Ralling School in Humla, and provided a total of twenty five Scholarships to young people in 2018/19.

The Music House in Kathmandu

Ralling School Computer Project

Students sponsored by CCHS


2016/17 Projects

Below are some images from our Bootstock projects in 2016/17. We continue our support of Mitrata Children’s home in Kathmandu, established a new library at Shree Ganeshthan Secondary School in Necha, held the opening ceremony for the new School library and Science lab at Ralling School in Humla, formed an exciting new partnership with Music House in Kathmandu, funded a School trip to Ilam for seven children from Karmidanda, and provided Scholarships to twelve young people.

With fantastic support from Chelmsford County High School for Girls, we continue to fund further education for girls, while Newburgh Mather’s School ongoing donations have supplied books and a new microscope for Ralling School.


The children at Mitrata


Raman Maharjan and Thomas Bertschi at the Music House


New Harmonium for Music House


Welcome to Necha


Necha School Library opening ceremony


Necha School Library


Ralling School Science Lab


Ralling School Library


Ralling School meeting with teachers


Ralling School Library

Students from Karmidanda

Children of Karmidanda School


2013 New Library for Ralling School

In 2013 we established a new library at Ralling School in Humla. Books were transported from Scotland and Kathmandu by bus, aircraft and finally on horse.

Transporting the library books on horseback

Transporting the library books on horseback

Delivering library books to the teachers at Raling School

Delivering library books to the teachers at Ralling School

Bootstock Scholarships

TEACH Computer Project

Through the TEACH project and in partnership with The Himalayan Innovative Society, we have provided and installed computers, and a trained teacher in a High School in a remote region of north west Nepal.

In 2011 we installed four new computers in the girls hostel at Manasrowar High School.

Once again this was achieved in partnership with our good friend DB Lama at The Himalayan Innovative Society.

Computer room at Manasrowar Girl's Hostel

Computer room at Manasrowar Girl’s Hostel

We also helped with the installation of new computers at the Mitrata Foundation.

Children’s Clothing

With the support of friends and other Scottish charities we have been distributing clothing to children in the poorest regions of Nepal.

School educational tour

In 2012, Bootstock funded a three day educational study tour for 54 students of Balmandir High School to visit a remote region of Nepal. The project helped increase the students social and cultural awareness.

54 students from Bal Mandir secondary School

54 students from Bal Mandir secondary School



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